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Tortoise Turquoise - In the Rough

Tortoise Turquoise

Tortoise Turquoise is mint to emerald green and blue/green in color. It runs
in a very hard black Manganese host rock. About 50% of the material that we have found to date has black spiderwebbed matrix running through the Turquoise.

There are small to giant sized nuggets that run in a soft clay type material.
As you get into the center of the larger nuggets, you will find multiple types of water marking as well as some forms a birdseye figuration.

We also find veins of Tortoise Turquoise that from 1/8" to 1/2" thick that are encrusted in Manganese rock walls. This is very hard material and it is a hell of a job to get it out. It is worth it though as it makes beautiful beads and cabochons.

View our Mining Tortoise Turquoise Video

Large polished nodule of Tortoise Turquoise Slab of Tortoise Nevada's Tortoise Turquoise

Natural Tortoise Turquoise Vein
Natural Tortoise Chalcociderite
Deep Emerald Green Tortoise Varascite
Natural Tortoise Turquoise from Nevada
Natural Tortoise Varascite
Large Softball size nodule of pure mint green
Awesome Military Green Turquoise

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Working with Tortoise Turquoise

Tortoise Turquoise is a stone cutters dream stone as we hand dig every piece. It is basicly fracture free, solid and hard. To learn more go to the above link and see the Working with Tortoise Turquoise page.

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